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Eastern Solar Glass is the oldest window film company in the area. Our expert window film installers have over 70 years of combined experience and are committed to providing excellent customer service, top quality products and timely, detail-oriented installations.

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Our window film installers work with all types of window films and glass treatment, but our film of choice is always 3M. As a 3M-Authorized Window Film Dealer, Eastern Solar Glass is uniquely qualified to offer our customers a wide selection of attractive, competitively-priced 3M Window Films.

Our most popular window films and glass treatments include:

· Solar control for reduction of heat and glare.
· Safety-approved glass treatments to meet building inspection codes.
· Privacy films for limited or no visibility.
· Decorative films to spruce up glass without the use of sandblasting or etching.
· Security films for smash and grab protection.
· Anti-graffiti films to protect glass from outside physical damage.
· Windstorm protection to safeguard against hurricanes, sand storms and tornadoes.
· Blast protection to protect both the inside and outside of a building.
· Office partitions/internal glass wall coatings for privacy and decoration.