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Dana Gaeta is a glazier for Eureka Metal & Glass Services, Inc. She has a decade of glazing experience, which she currently puts to use on the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center. Read about Dana, why she loves dispelling stereotypes about glaziers, and learn about some of her favorite projects - including one where she had to access the site by boat.

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Spotlight Glazier
Aside from his time in the Marine Corps, Chris Kushner loves glazing more than any other job. Since 2004, he has worked as a glazier in the field and in the shop. Today, he's a shop foreman for R.A. Kennedy & Sons and an instructor for FTI. Read about Kush's coaching mindset and how he's taken advantage of continuing education opportunities.

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Marine Corps veteran Ed Paley found glazing when he left the military. In 20 years of experience, Ed has worked for both non-union and union companies and has a unique perspective on the industry. Today he's a foreman for Reilly Glass & Glazing. Read how Ed puts safety first and why he believes it's far better working for the union.

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2015 Glazier of the Year Award winner, William Keebler

National Glass & Metal Co. foreman and 2015 Glazier of the Year Award winner, William Keebler has spent nearly four decades in the trade. With uncles, a father, and two sons also in glazing, he falls in the middle of three generations of proud glaziers. Read the simple but profound pieces of advice Bill gave his sons and regularly gives to apprentices.

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Roberto Rios, Jr. W&W Glass foreman, FTI instructor, and 2003 Leadership Award winner

Roberto Rios, Jr. is a family man and natural leader. He began his glazing career just 10 days after high school graduation and built two decades of experience. Read about Roberto's dedication to craftsmanship and why he thinks the media sometimes misses the heart of the union.

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David Tomczak project manager and FTI instructor

After a decade as a glazier, David Tomczak recently took on a project management role for The Glass Company of Atlantic City, where he is responsible for everything from scheduling and measurement to manpower coordination. Learn about the only other job Dave has had and why he gives back as an FTI instructor.

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Jimmy Blocker; 1998 Apprentice of the Year and 2011 Glazier of the Year.

With over 22 years as a member of Local 252, Jimmy Blocker has had wide exposure to the glazing trade. He currently works for R.A. Kennedy & Sons, Inc. and is a 1998 Apprentice of the Year and 2011 Glazier of the Year. Get to know Jimmy and learn why the apprentices and FTI staff call him "Gentleman Jim.” .

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Neil Amadio; Third-Generation Glazier, Steward & Teacher

Neil Amadio is a foreman and steward for Reilly Glass & Glazing in Norristown, Pa. The 20-year veteran of the glaziers’ union proudly follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and uncle. Get to know Neil, understand why the apprentices consider him a father figure, and learn his richest reward of community service.

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Michael Cerasi; project manager and estimator

Michael Cerasi is a project manager and estimator for Twindows, Inc. of Philadelphia, Pa. He began his glazing career in the field but has transitioned to the office, responsible for pursuing and managing work, overseeing field crews, preparing estimates, and mitigating challenges. Get to know Mike and his perspective on the glazing industry.

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Suzi Person, the first female shop steward in Glaziers Local Union 252 history

Suzi Person is a mechanic and steward for Almond Glass Works of Collingswood, N.J. She's the first female shop steward in Glaziers Local Union 252 history and a passionate and vocal advocate for unions. Get to know Suzi, why she's nicknamed "cupcake," and the very visible project for which she was the sole glazier responsible in this month's glazier spotlight.

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Doug Drysdale 2014 Apprentice of the Year

Doug Drysdale started his glazing career in 2009 at age 29. He immediately took the job and its responsibilities seriously. During his apprenticeship, Doug served as class steward and was involved with the student union as secretary and vice president. His efforts and commitment paid off; Doug was running projects as a third year apprentice and in 2014 was named Apprentice of the Year.

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Steve Metzger 2012 Apprentice of the Year

Steve Metzger is a foreman for Eureka Metal & Glass, where his responsibilities include field supervision, project coordination, and layout. His work experiences range from interiors to new exterior curtain walls to renovations and window replacements.

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The FTI training apprentices and journey persons

The Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid Atlantic Region provides training for apprentices and journey persons of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 21. FTI has been registered with the Department of Labor since 1946 and in 2009, became North America's first and only Department of Education accredited union training program.

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